Eva 808 appreciation

Probably deserves a thread now, first release on encrypted, only 300 pressed tho godammit lol

Plenty of nice bits on her soundcloud too, hoping some of this gets released





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2CI is so damn good, wish i had it

good call, forgot that one

Hoping to have her over for a set in the future. Loads of big tunes.
This one >>>>

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There’s also that tune Loner, pretty sure it’s going to be released

Defo her sound is one foot into the weirdness that make’s it stand out in the sea of generic Dubstep that’s being made.

Big up EVA.

@Johnlenham u trying to book her anytime soon?

I tried for this one but couldnt get it to work. Soon though!

Eva is a don.

2CI never fails to get a nuts reaction

Oldschool Ninja forthcoming vinyl apparently

Tune is huge yeah, been looking forward to that one for time.

Always very cool and interesting sounds.

Yeah probably my favourite by her, that and Selekta

new eva bits…

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Release forthcoming on Crucial :gunfinger: :gunfinger:


Yeah just seen that. Big up to her!



Such a madness.

Rating these tunes alot, some fun mad sampling in some of the tunes as well.
Might have to see about getting her over!


Isn’t Eva808 female? But yeah, heard about them in a thread here over the week and they’re sick.

You know I have no idea. Edit: seems you are right.

Jacks Sparrow vibe on this one

Was it the FKOF interview? I looked it over and it uses “her” and “she” rather extensively :stuck_out_tongue: