Exit Records Appreciation

New Zed Bias is decent… Strays releases are >>>

Gutted I never brought Alex Perez - U.

Revisting Om Unit & Bingas 12"… thats up there as one of the best Exit releases imo. Little downs on the clear vinyl tho.

Big too: https://boilerroom.tv/recording/dbridge-2/#/video


Yeah Exit is brilliant, proper forward-thinking music.
I’m still sore over the fact that I missed Indigo - Ayahuasca though, can’t even find it on discogs anymore now.
Loved dBridge’s BR session, he’s really into it behind the decks and you can see he’s still passionate about the music.

tbh I played that U record out twice maybe. Not that big; Exit had better releases.

Having dBridge over end of april; can’t wait for that. He’s a proper nice guy it seems.

Yeah its not amazing but I like it enough that I’d like to own it but… https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/229766132?ev=bp_det

anybody happen to go to that Who is Richie Brains launch party at Phonox yesterday?
Quite keen to finally know who this guy is.

Alix Perez, Fixate, Chimpo, Om Unit, Sam Binga, Stray, Fracture.
So, my guesses were right in the end.


Mystery solved :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to listen to the album

There’s a minimix of the whole album on Exit Records’ soundcloud. You can definitely hear a lot of Perez, Binga, Fracture and, after being revealed by dBridge, Om Unit in there.

Edit: I think a lot of those tunes work well in the dance (dBridge played pretty much the full album when we had him over), but as an album it may fall a bit short of expectations. It’s a collection of hip hop-y beats, and so far, the only long player in this style that didn’t disappoint was Sam Binga’s. Mainly because the tracks were kept short, giving the whole listen a cut-and-play vibe, and the wide use of vocalists. It felt more like a mixtape, which is the main reason I was listening to it in whole without getting bored or feeling oversaturated.

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I got my copy like a week ago and I have to say that you’re right about it feeling less like an album and more of a collection of tracks thrown together, but nevertheless I was never really bored with any of the tracks.
I’m liking all of the vocal tracks a lot, which is quite rare since they usually are kind of hit-or-miss (for me personally, at least).

Standard Skeptical murkage.

That tune at 12:15 … I was wondering for five minutes or so where I’ve heard it before, until I realised it’s my mates’ lol.

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I copped this yesterday :gunfinger:

dbridge really is a level above