[Experimental Brostep] Calamity - Pogo

Hey guys, looking for some feed back on this song/clip I’ve been working on…not really sure what sub genre of dubstep it is tbh. It used kind of machine gun-ish basses, but its not has deathmetal as deathstep.



Well, i would’nt describe this as “Hardcore Dubstep” because it isn’t that heavy, but i kinda like it, you could just put “Experimental” as the genre

Just sounds like bigroom with a half time beat to me.

yeah i kinda agree, but its halftime like u said and 140. Its kind of a sound design spinoff from a bass made by Murda, kinda liked his machine gun bass so i mimicked it and went from there.

Call it brostep because the audience you’re likely to attract with it contains a lot of frat bros.
If you know what brostep is then it’s kinda hard to say that without seeming like a snarky tnuc, but you may as well own the reality of the matter. Plus, nothing wrong with people who spend a lot of money to go to pricey clubs and music festivals enjoying your music there.

lol if any of my music makes it into a club or festival i will be highly suprised. Thanks though i guess ill “steer into the skid” of brostep when I finish this song.