Experimental Footwork

I’ve been looking for some footwork a bit more on the experimental side. I’ve listened to rashad and stuff but it doesn’t quite click.

Found some Japanese guys that make some interesting stuff, was wondering if there was some other stuff out there. I was listening to this playlist: https://japanesemutationbootyism.bandcamp.com/album/japanese-juke-footworks-compilation


This ones pretty good

Tbh footwork in general is pretty bait. Outide of the main us names it’s unlikly youl find anything innovative. The entire US seen is either biting Chicago stuff or tryingg to make something new out of their lex luger fruity loops pax.

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wtf this is very not true

i luv you internet style, but I think you’re not hearing the good stuff if you think this tbh

Sorry im drunk and birderline dixlexic. Im saying theres new shit from outside the us thats p cool but that the us seen is getting luger packed.

Gimme the good stuff m8

Tbh I really like the tempo and percussion focus but its mostly focused around dancing (obviously) so a lot of it is kinda dumb to just listen to and not dance

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Check out Jlin , maybe you like

Dunno if it’s experimental but try going through the back catalogue:

2nd this, Jlin is brills

Not wrong but not right imo…

As much as a love the us scene most truhed footwork producers are pretty subpar compared to average uk dubstep or dnb producers. Like US footwork still hasnt diverged from its hip hop/house roots…

Is experimental footwork still footwork? It´s basically a dance tool… remove that bit and it´ll be pretty much like IDM or w/e you like to call it from 10-15 years ago?
I imagine Mike paradinas old stuff to basically sound like that lol

not really seeing as how it has moderately strict rhythm and tempo requirements ya fuckin jabrone

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polish juke
uncle texx
Violet Systems
flex blur

idk if any of those are “experimental” but maybe

honourable mention: Andrew Juke

experimental juke yeah

Thanks man. I’ll take a listen when I get the chance.

And I mean dubstep/dnb/house are all made for dancing but are totally listenable outside of that situation where as a lot of footwork stuff doesn’t make sense to listen to outside of context. Like Ghost is dumb to just chill out to.

Like there was one by Boo or Rashad… can’t remember what it was called, static or noise or something like that, that you can totally listen to out of context and still vibe to it

Finally got the chance to listen to some of this. Cakedog’s boiler room set was pretty awesome. Just the kinda stuff I was looking for thanks man.

You checked out Jlin’s MU LP yet?

I listened to some of her songs. Don’t think I listened to that tho. She was pretty awesome too