Experimental Online Collaboration Project - Need Participants!

Hi guys, I’m hosting a collaborative project as part of my university course, I’ll be sending and receiving stems/project files to music producers and hopefully end up with a mass collabed piece of electronic music with many different influences!

This is where you come in, I will be welcoming in producers from different parts of world and different backgrounds to contribute to this mass collaborative project all you need to do is download the stems/ableton project file and then add to the project and send it back. but there are a few rules…

Rule 1. You can only add one element to the track per person and produced piece must be sent back as one audio file (if sent back as stems) or send back in the project file, this could be anything from a bass line to vocals.

Rule 2. Each person who uses the ableton project file can change elements of the projects this include,
Changing arrangement/structure of the pieces of audio. (Within reason)
Adding effects to different channels of audio. (Limited to 1 channel per person)

Rule 3. Things you can’t change,
The Tempo, this is set at 135 BPM.

Rule 4. You must send me a link to your media outlet for crediting, your name (real or artist), age and location (e.g, Bristol UK, Texas USA)

If any rules are not followed I will sadly not be able to use your piece of produced music!

I appreciate everyone help, feedback and cooperation! This should not take any longer than 30mins per person, I would like the whole project to be very creative and would not like people to spend hours trying to make a masterpiece alone! Stick to your style and your niche.

If your interested please message me!
Thank you and look foreword to seeing the outcome!

Out of interest


Design by committee?

exploring the nature of indirect collaborations and how it can be used to get influences from people/place you wouldn’t normally be exposed to.

not something I would normally do but hey,

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