Exporting Audio in Live

I’m having a problem exporting a track from live. I’m working at 44100.

When I export the track doesn’t sound the same as it did in live. I can quite put my finger on exactly what’s different. The track seems to be missing some of its energy and shine.

I have tried changing the bit rate when exporting and even moving up to 48000.

Any help?

sometimes midi notes may be off timed and they may not be triggered when you initially render the song. Or you could have something random going on with the unison in your synth of the lfo causing ti to sound slightly different each time you play or render

All of the music is where it should be. This sounds more like Live has EQed the master when exporting or I have lost a bunch of quality some how.

bounce all your tracks to audio inside the project (I usually do this in a ‘save as’ version just for the export so i dont clutter my original project). See if the problems you are hearing happen when all your midi/fx everything has been bounced to audio within ableton. It will help you track down the culprit.

Also, if your master is clipping in ableton while its playing, those peaks will get chopped when you export audio out of ableton.

Have you tried the reverse…pop a tune into live to see if it plays back the same? Also…what are you using the play the track outside of live? Does live use some other sound output device than the other playback software? Lastly…does the playback software have some weird audio enhancement settings or EQ preset on?

I might try bouncing down to 1 track later. I will update the thread if that works. I would never export with a clipping master channel. I have some EQ and limiting on the master but I can’t see why that would be a problem.

Everything I drop into Live sounds the same as it did out side of Live. I was using Windows Media Player and have tried VLC. The track seems to still be missing something. I never use any effects/enhancements on any of my playback software. My playback is coming straight out of my audio interfaces control room out into my monitors.

I just installed windows 10 so I’m running a fresh install here. Thinking about it this problem started after I updated Windows.

If I cant fix it I will try reinstalling Live when I get some time.

On a side note I’m wondering why all VSTs are 64bit now but I can only export a maximum of 32bit Wav? Surly I would lose resolution or am I just missing something?

A/B exported file and in DAW track using a spectrum analyzer

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some sends you forgot about maybe? are you dithering the output? rendering to mono? (exporting to soundcloud? ahahaha fucking STUPID idea ableton… wtf).

if it sounds different after rendering than it did upon initially monitoring it, then maybe it’s time to check how you’re monitoring the output prior to rendering. headphones? if so it could be the headphone amp in some way…

mas informacion por favor!

also, a 64 bit OS and software package is entirely different than a 32 bit uncompressed broadcast or PCM wav. i bounce my shit at 24 bit minimum. bit depth in the context of digital audio directly relates to overall headroom. the signal to noise ration of a 24 bit uncompressed file is dramatically higher than that of a 16 bit audio file.

i don’t remember the math but it’s a fuck ton of dB difference :wink:

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Best idea yet!

Well I made the track on my monitors that, like I said, are connected to my control room out on my external sound-card. I first tried my normal export of WAV, 4410hz, 16bit, Joined Stereo, Triangular Dither. I have never had any problems with those settings before.

After I noticed the difference I when back and exported in a bunch of different combinations. Still though no luck.

If I bring up Windows Media Player with LIve together I can here the difference so I don’t think its a hardware issue. I was careful to have the volumes the same.

The best I can describe the problem is… Like when you go down in MP3 quality and you lose some shine, crispness and energy in the top end of the track. Its subtle but there.

Ah yeah I thought it would be something like that with the 64bit/32bit thing.

As aaron said. you probably forgot do dither and your render settings might be wrong