Extrax - Demonoid (Plate of Toast Remix)


Feedback is always welcome.

Pretty good… I tried to do something with those stems early on but found no inspiration. Did you use phaser on those basses?

I like, I like. Very dark vibe.

Look at your waveform in SC though. See those giant spikes? You can get a more “full” sound by eq’ing/compressing those out. Don’t do it too hard, as you definitely want dynamics in a song, especially one as dark and ambient as this.

When eq’ing, I low-cut almost every track to some degree. This gets rid of uneeded volume on tracks that don’t need to be bassy, leaves room for ones that do.

^have a peak at the waveforms in my later tracks vs. My earlier ones. I’m still a n00b by many standards, but I’m a work in progress.

^ kinda long, but still my favorite tutorial on EQ’ing in the whole internet.

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Lotta filters, my friend.