Fabfilter ProQ vs Parametric EQ2

Been using Parametric EQ2 in FL for a long time but been tempted to grab the ProQ The interface and spectrum analyser look amazing and the A/B switch and undo options would be so fucking useful haha Anyone got any thoughts?

FabFilter ProQ has a 30 day free trial;


So my advice would be to download it and try it out for a month to see for yourself.

Ahh right nice one mate

As far as EQs with interesting options take a look at Voxango Gliss EQ–I always have trouble explaining what it does so have a read and demo it…

Basically GlissEQ lets you “export” the live visual of the EQ curve from one instance of the VST to another. So in other words, when you are looking at the instance of Gliss that is on your kick channel, you can “load” the EQ curve of your bass channel and see both EQ curves on top of one another. Makes it really easy to do some precision EQ and to find out where you might have build up in a certain frequency area. I want to say you can see up to six live EQ curves in a single instance of GlissEQ. It is also a dynamic EQ, which is handy. Very spartan interface as well, which I like (if a bit ugly in color choices…).

But yea, tons of people rate FabFilter’s mixing tools, so it is hard to go wrong there.

According to what you said you like about fabfilter, other than the interface, there’s no significant difference between the two.

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Slightly related tip

I’ve found that the ‘HQ’ button on Fruity Parametric EQ2 can add a weird hi end harshness to some sounds. Try muting it on all your EQs guarantee it makes a fair bit of difference, strange though it doesn’t affect some things as much

Luv Para EQ2 tho

@fragments Id not actually had a look but its pretty interesting from reading the reviews Comparing eq curves on different channels would be awesome for mixing low end sounds if it works like im imagining Agree about the ugly interface tho
@jesslem I dunno really seems like the fabfilters got a lot really useful features I get what you mean though its why ive stuck with the para eq2 for this long

GlissEQ is sounding better and better the more im reading about it tbh

Well I didn’t look at it, just saying that having read your post you don’t need it. But if you want it for other reasons go right ahead. But it seems quite possible that you may not know how to use PEQ2.

Didnt look at what? The pro q features? Like I said its the a/b and undo/redo that would be useful Dunno where your getting that I dont know how to use eq2 tho? Its not exactly complicated and after 9 years id say im pretty well aquainted :wink:

If you are after a be all end all EQ to the point you actually wouldn’t need another eq (ITB atleast)i’d get EQuilibrium by DMG Audio.if you go into the DSP page you can make it as cruddy or accurate as you like and it has a free phase mode (which i love)which can make your eq tweaks sound almost natural (my pet peeve with most EQ’s)if you know what to tweak.if that’s a bit too much for you,it has some gorgeous eq shapes “modelled” after a lot of boutique analogue,shit loads of metering modes and generally customisable out the ass.also has the A/B mode (should be a standard on all eqs now to be honest),and every single filter shape function you could ever need.in more ways than one,it’s the ultimate VST EQ