FabricLive 83 - Logan Sama

TL: http://www.fabriclondon.com/store/fabriclive-83.html

Really liked this mix… so many vocals! Really happy to hear Hitman Hyper again… hes also on the new Jammer tune (which I don’ really like). Don’t get why Trim, Riko Dan & Scratchy got left out. Kahn & Neek tune is huge too.

Overall solid mix, got a lot of replay value imo.

Hyped for this but a bit confused honestly…are the individual tracks unmixed?

The mix cd is obviously mixed but the 4x12" vinyl is unmixed instrumentals.


I thought it was a bit too stacked with vocals personally, really wish he would have let the beats breathe just a little more; gets a bit oppressive after a while ahah. Feels like a celebration though I guess. Also even though some of the vocals clearly aren’t up to the level (was seriously let down by D Double), some of them are proper fire. Flowdan + Killa P :fire: