Favourite 10" plates?

I’m a big fan of 10" vinyl, more so than 12" for whatever reason.

What are your favourites?

Kahn - Way Mi Defend
Versa - Rainfall In Dub
Skeptical - Something In The Sound

Weird to prefer 10" lol but the cluekid box clever release is probably my favourite.

Thelem & t man - bring me down too.

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LAS Uuha/Witch Doctor

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Gantz - Baby Face/Refresher (Remix)

Haven’t drawn for this plate in a while but it’s big

Also if I had it: Distance/Skream - Temptation/Bahl Fwd

weird one. only I can think of that I own right now would be Pariah - Detroif Falls/Orpheus

Peak as fuck :confused:

Wanted baby face as soon as I heard it in the gantz mixmag mix, so Copped it as soon as the preorders were up on redeye

Gantz - Enso / Siyam

Only own on 10" so far… Quest - Vampires. Big plate

10" are nice, my fave:

atos album
om unit edits
terrafonix - path of jah
kromestar - rhythm on my mind (sick artwork!)
versa - rainfall in dub

From my collection it’s probably these:

Armour / Hijak - Iron Man / Nightmarez
DQ1 / Mark One - Wear The Crown / Slang
Skream / Distance - Bahl Fwd / Temptation
Loefah / Digital Mystikz - System / Molten
Kode9 + Daddi Gee - Sign Of The Dub / Stalker
Kahn - Way Mi Defend / Azalea
Cluekid - Spider Monkey / Rainy Street Light

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Riddles freeing the realness. To his list I’d add:

Kode9 & The Spaceape - Kingstown
Kode9 & The Spaceape - Curious / Portal
Kode9 & The Spaceape - Backwards / 9 Samurai
Rhythm & Sound with The Lovejoys - Best Friend

Definitely those two plus

Kromestar - Can you Kick it? / Instrumental
LAS - Uuha / Witch Doctor
Killawatt - Ruffcut 001
Kaiju - Ruffcut 002
Lurka - Return / Stabilizer
TMSV ‎– Stress / Lost

El mahdy jr - rai dubs.

The alter echo version of disco Maghreb >>>

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Yeah i need to stop myself playing Jam Maker everytime im having a rootsy mix. Pressing on that 10 is lively b2b gonna wear it out soon haha

10"s are the one. Dubs in particular, there’s just something about them! I can mix 10"s quicker than 12"s and being able to cue up touching the slip mat instead of the record itself has definitely prolonged the life of my dubplates. They’re lighter and easier to transport too…I normally rock up to a gig with a box of 40 10" dubs in a backpack rather than bringing a load of 12"s in a carry case

favourites would have to be 9 Samurai, that RSD joint Disc Shop Zero released, and if acetate isn’t cheating then Joe Ariwa - Kunte Kinte & Mala - Drunken Swagger. I’ve got dubs I rate more but I saw those ones get cut in front of me at Music House so they have more sentimental value.


u have drunken swagger


damn son

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(wait did u post on the old site under a different name, there was definitely someone there that had drunken swagger)

Las - Zaikadelic/Preaching has shot to the top of my regularly drawn for tunes. Second drop of Preaching with the choppy vocal bit is mad.
I’ve found myself a little bored of playing the usual suspects like Way mi defend, Bahl fwd and System/Molten though. Good for the odd crowd(friends in a kitchen) pleaser but lost their appeal for mixing on me ones.
As if that nutter has a cut of Drunken swagger 'n all


I think that @111 is £10 Bag.