Favourite Blends

There was one of these threads on the old forum, so just making a new one here. Post your favourite blends - 2 tunes that go nice together in the mix. I’ll start…

Vivek Square Off <-> Demdike/Shackleton Archive Series #1 :+1:

Mala - Maintain Thru Madness >>> Cyrus - Soul Seeker, drop soul seeker 16 bars into the second drop of Maintain

Double drop the second drop of Toasty - Too Hot with Request Line :fire: :fire: :fire:

Midnight into Woman like that guy on the old DSF :cornlol:

Kahn - Over Deh So into the Gorgon Sound remix of Dread

Gonna spice it up with one of my fav DnB blends. Fre4knc - Flink into J:Kenzo - One Drop. Weight and a lot of fun midrange to play around with. I’ll try to remember some of the best 140 blends

wanna get into blending myself. thinking of starting with some turkish and latakia tobacco


Miss Jackson Harmonimix into Kowton’s edit of Roll With The Punches

Miracles Remix >>>distance - Twilight


double dropping dem a talk w/ eyez if you can get the timing right :fire: :fire: :fire:

Piezo-Calm Frenzy >>> LAS-Your Eyes…percussion gets absolutely batty

this is not youtube

idk what you’re on about but you can fuck off

exactly this. this is not youtube. behave like this on youtube…

Mala - SInners into Kahn - Way Mi Defend. The vocal goes really nicely.

kromestar-flute song into blackjack-dead prez hip hop remix, flute is sick over the bass

matty g-bitter love into dj q- woo riddim remix- would be a sick closer leave everyone hugging and crying

really nice to mix some records again the other night after work, haven’t had a chance since leaving uni in june- so much more fun than cdjs

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