Favourite Grime Instrumentals


Yeah its iTunes exclusive unfortunately

i’ve always thought that its fine to play M4As as long as you leave them as M4As, but transcoding to MP3 is bad cos you’re going from lossy to lossy?

Isn’t a 256kbps M4A audibly the same as a 320kbps MP3? Might have to draw for the spectrograph and do some testing


6.30=jameson urban hero


Msg Spyro for a wav innit if you’ve bought the MP3



Don’t know if any of these have been posted, but all are sick beats.


both sides 100% dirt



this ep wasn’t on a level with vintage ruff sqwad but still some fucking large tunes


Yeah Rapid still goes in… one of my favourite grime producers.

This oneeeee


yeah F’in Riddim still gets me gassed everytime.







much as i dont think i ever wanna hear pulse x again, this is a siiick repress


formula 1+2 on there as well!




this one is SOOO PENG cheap but NOT ON DISCOGS FUCK





why doesn’t anyone book eastwood for these grime raves atm, i can see on twitter he’s still about and still mixing and he’d have all the oddz and eastwood classics/dubs +he’s a sick dj from the couple old school sets i’ve heard


Oddz is one of the best grime producers imo.


man turned to islam then “forgot” how to make tunes lool


Yeah its a shame… Bearman became a Jehovah’s Witness and stopped drinking beer.