Favourite Grime tunes to sample?

Appart from the obvious like Morgue, Straight and Pulse X etc…

What are your favourite Grime tunes to sample?

Personally, I wouldn’t ever sample from inside the genre I was trying to make. It’s basically inbreeding.

what he said except for I’d prolly sample grime vocals in a grime-influenced instrumental for some extra flavour tho

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I totally agree with what your saying, however I feel its a little different with Grime.

Look at Kahn & Neek for example, they sampled Big$hot to make Percy, and thats the main sound throughout :confused:

I would love to sample from over genres but the Grimey sounds tend to be in Grime :confused:

Large up for the reply though!

In one of your other threads you mentioned about wanting to find your own signature sound.

Sampling from other less obvious genres would be one way of doing that.

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I agree ten fold, just don’t listen to enough over stuff, listen to a lot of dubstep but most of it isn’t sample able, as well as not being the right sounds to make Grime :confused:

Educate yourself. Try Googling something like “top 10 albums [genre name]” and you’ll get countless lists of what people consider to be the great albums. For example, funk/soul. The Google said albums to have a listen to them. Most of the ‘great’ albums are available on YouTube.

Again, look further afield. If you’re only making grime/dubstep that samples other grime/dubstep tunes, you’re already limiting yourself by using something as a basis to make a copy of itself. Like tracing a picture, then tracing the tracing…quality (and ideas) will degrade as you go along.

‘Right sounds’ is subjective. The sounds in grime tunes are only considered grime sounds because someone made them work as such and then other people copied them.

Work on your patches/sound design as well as educating yourself on other genres and building up your sample library.

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Well cheers I guess :slight_smile:

Large up!

Im personally sick if hearing grime made with recycled (often lazily) old grime sounds. Just make ur own or make grime withot clichéd sounds maybe. Idk for me the scene is worse than dungeon for endless biting

alot of those “cliched” sounds are what makes the genre. I agree about the lazily recycling bit though.

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So that’s why I find grime generally boring becuase it all sounds exactly the same as sides from the drum pattern. But yea not saying grime is shit becuase there are some amazing tunes. I mainly always listen to Danny weed when I wanna hear something good hahahaa

tunez are not boring because they use the same sounds lol theyre boring because they shit. If it bang it bang nahmeen

Yea but after u hear the same bass sound a thousand times it does get a bit stale. I agree though some tunes are just bangers if they are realy good but I’m not gonna sit at home digging through the thousands of extremely similar grime instrumentals that exist these days

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Your 100% right, but I feel that’s what makes the genre, look at Alias, 90% of his tunes are classics yet they all sound similar…

I only really listen to old stuff nowadays anyway due to all the instrumentals sounding more trap based, I find 808’s much more boring now than any squarewave :smile:

The only guys doing it for me at the moment are the ones who have been producing from day and Kahn & Neek :confused:

yeah i’m in the don’t do it corner, my ears get tired of the same sounds, and alias was using those sounds so long ago they sounded dutty and fresh

but yeah like

any devils mix tune to get nasty sounding synths would be a good start

saw faze miyake tweet once that grime to him is doing cool shit with like little musical knowledge/ability, can’t remember wording but i agree, that vibe of doing shit wrong and putting claps wherever u want and putting the hype over the mix down etc

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That’s why it’s so sick, just bare grimey sounds and beats thrown together with a quicktime mix down, raw as