Favourite Skream Tracks?




second drop on stagger tho mmmmmm




just came here to post that

2 dank for a freebie really

favourite is probably still request line or rutten


this 12" is an absolute killer

another big one


Tracks: (No Particular Order)
0800 Dub, Not Known (Tippa), Hedd Banger, Traitor, Minor, Dutch Flowerz, Rutten, Halloweird, Who R Those Guys, Stagger, Blipstream, Midnight Request Line, Roots Dyed Dark, Reminissin’ (Tribal Mix), Trapped In A Dark Bubble and Movin’ Snarez

Dubs: (No Particular Order)
Herb, Fairy Tale, Riddim, Golden Teacher, Konga, Late Night Memories Of 2003, Dubai, Tale Of Bass, Rutten VIP, Life In General, Dubsteppa, Cape Fear, Dark Waters, Dubby 2-Step, Stay Devoted and Tune In




^ lol

i think i made a big list of “good” skream tracks (ie tracks i can’t really decide which is best from) on the old forum.

but basically, most of the tracks on Skream!, Skreamizms 1 & 2, Make Me off 3, Oskilatah off 4, all of 5, Xmas Day Swagger off 6, and Request Line

Ancient Memories, In For the Kill, & Night Vision remixes

all of the tracks he put out on Tectonic and Medi especially Bahl Fwd, and most of the stuff he put out on Big Apple

other random releases like Darkside of Life, Irie, Wise Men, Political Warfare, Sandsnake, Wake Up

lots of freebies like Lightning VIP, Mood to Funk, Potent Cloud, All Hail, Dubbers Anon pt 2, Haunted Flutes, Skwelcha, Smokers, Dark Light, Indian Dub remix, Almighty father remix, Blue Crystal, Problem Dog

Dubs like WMD, The Soul remix (of Menta), Deeper Feelings, Disfunktional Minds, CIMMERIAN, Lemon, Levitated, Life in General, Down to the Core, Banality of Evil

If I had to pick one other than Request Line or Rutten, it would probs be Dutch Flowerz, Blipstream, or Glamma (see, can’t even narrow it down to less than 5 lol). Also Ancient Memories remix fuck. I have no idea…


He is the standout producer of the scene, no question.

Posted this in another thread but this is a hench old one i only just stumbled across


deeper concentration


Dutch Flowerz <3




Man has too many good tunes


Lightning (+ VIP)
The Shinein
Pass The Red Stripe
Dub Period


Pass the red stripe is one.
Smiley face
A million others I can’t remember right now


Chest Boxing :fire: :fire:


vacillate sounds like haunted kinda