Favourite Skream Tracks?


Tippa (Unknown)


Sub Island! This is ridiculous.


One I forgot


Dutch Flowerz
Listening to The Records On My Wall


I thought everyone’s favourite skream tracks are his little deep house and techno tunes :mrgreen:


what’s happened/happening to this?


Irie, Pass The Red Stripe, Make Me, Phatty Drummer



Hardly anyone showing love for “Phatty Drummer”


I never understood Memories Of 3rd Base and the amount of love it got. It’s alright, but nothing really worth copping imho. It was on Chemical during their “we’re in administration so everything has to go for 10p”-phase and I snagged a copy, but only mixed it once or twice and never played it out.

My favourite Skream track must be his Ancient Memories remix.


my fav skream tune changes all the time, atm its rottan tho


my fave
must’ve listened to 140 times
and it’s not even that great
but the drugs made it’s clash between zombie & skeleton armies so vivid:

the D1 remix being an improvement


you know.

original horns of '06 ldn


I don’t know…I always preferred the first drop with the wobble bass for some reason.


Or “Bahl Fwd”


Or his Loafah remixes like Indian Dub and Monsoon


Monsoon is the original skream tune though, loefah remixed it


Found it on youtube


didnt see a release did it? tbh i prefer it to the Loefah remix.


as for me it’s probably Bahl Fwd, Sub Island & Filth. maybe Traitor.