Faze Miyake - Faze Miyake LP


1 The Nest feat. Little Simz
2 Burciaga
3 Ice Cold feat. Inga Copeland
4 Ocean Drive
5 Below Me feat. Sasha Go Hard
6 Firefly
7 None Of That Stuff feat. Family Tree
8 Fusion
9 Snow Leopard
10 What U Say feat. Izzy Brooks
11 Yung Sneyga

Out 2nd October.

So glad Burciaga is being released, such a big tune!

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so happy to see firefly on there. looks to be a big release.

sick finally firefly, burciaga the one commodo’s been playing right

dude makes bangers but didn’t feel like i need an album by him but stuff like that tune with inga copeland shows i was kinda wrong

Yeah commodo been playing it and it’s on kode9s rinse cd.

use of barking dogs samples reaches highest point since Baha Men

looking forward to this one though!

lol inga copeland on a faze miyake production sounds weird

gonna have to check this

thought the same, unlikely collaboration! tune is great imo - Inga’s voice can glide over any kind of song

It’s not that unusual tbf, faze has always been one of the more experimental grime producers… He seems adamant not to be labelled like a grime producer. I’m sure he had a thelem mix on his rinse show… Always reps dubstep unlike most grime producers now.

There’s a good reason people like kode9 and commodo play his stuff.

Just a sick all round producer; versatile.

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big one wu tang clan sample

was on that Woofer USB thing that he released. Tune is big!

i don’t get why faze miyake is (usually) considered grime, or at least most of his tunes. i guess cause of the DJs that play it? but imo Burciaga, Ice Cold, Firefly, Fusion, almost all of the album is just dubstep. not to get nitpicky about genres, i just don’t really get it.

huge album though. big up fazey m

I just follow him on twitter and he cracks me up. Not got around to checking this, no idea why but seems like its decent!

Cause he is grime. He at least came from grime, the album might not be strictly grime. Thats why hes such a good producer and something grime producers often lack; the ability to make stuff outside of grime.

Grime anthem (along with Preditah - Circles) from that 2010-2013 period while grime was getting popular again but before the whole 130/'glass/weightless" period.

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even that one is pretty much a dubstep tune to me…

only heard ice cold tbh and I love it.

sounds fuck all like dubstep

anyway i have that tune as a ringtone

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Take Off & Circles are the only newer grime tunes I know and whenever I hear them out I buss out the gunfingers and act like I’ve been big on grime since forever.

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haha VIP doe

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