Feedback for Reggae/Dub influenced dubstep tune

Saved this song for a while and since today is 420, and really sunny where I am, I uploaded it today! I like my composition, I’m always looking to hear what people think on mixdowns and execution of the overall song, so let me know!

Really digging the vibe, happy 4/20, will celebrate tomorrow tho… :frowning:
Me personally could have gone for more subbase in the tune, sub plus reggae themed dub is such a nice combo in my book, but I could be wrong haha! Sick tune, cheers mate!

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Thanks man, hope you enjoy your celebration aha! Appreciate your feedback and for you listening, will take it in for future mixes!
Peace :slight_smile:

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on laptop speakers atm,

but sounds pretty cool, got a really similar intro beat to l-wiz - mary jane :smile:

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That’s all good, feedback on any sort of speakers is helpful, I even use my phone speakers after mixing a tune to see what it sounds like, cause if you can cater your mix for all systems then that’s a start!

But yeah thanks man, was heavily influenced by L Wiz type of tunes if I’m honest :slight_smile:

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Nice atmosphere! Great mixdown, vibes dude! Good stuff!

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Thanks man, what sort of set up was you listening to it on? Glad you like though, appreciate it!

Two Rokit 8s and a Rokit 10 inch subwoofer, running through a Steinberg UR22 :slight_smile:

Thats what I’m talking about with the heavy sub almost carrying the whole track haha!