Feedback on a tune I've made? (Dubstep / Dub Techno)

Hello DSF! I’ve been making tunes for about 2 years or so, and have only recently built up the courage to ask for feedback / post them on the webs. Feedback on my mixdown, arrangements, and general vibe would be greatly appreciated!

Sick mate. Reminds me of old 2562.

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Unknown Dub - Yeah good point on the kicks in the beginning. They do feel put of place. I just threw this together when I got home. So I’ll do more work on the arrangement and variation.

Tekkk3- lmao I didn’t even realize the KKK part, will fix.

More hihat variation and maybe a different bassline would help? It does get repetitive I’ll admit.

I’ll add a vocal or something. It does seem stale by the end.
I’m also very happy to hear that the mixdown is solid because I’m using some shite $40 iems. :lol_og:

Contrary to most people on here, I don’t know anything about the technicalities of production, workflow or thought process - but I’d like to advise against the use of a vocal sample, even if it’s only cosmetic in nature. It’s been done to death a decade ago and unfortunately, more often than not the desperation of having to add some “character” shines through, lending the resulting tune anything but.
So, unless you are very confident in your sound design abilities (Joey Anderson - Mindset; Pangaea - You & I [or was it Router?]) or creative approach (Portable - Life Magically Is; Addison Groove - Footcrab), I’d suggest focusing on the rewarding elements of repetition instead: modulation and filtering the existing frequencies, playing with (tape) delay and reverb settings etc. (@cerealkiller already pointed out the rhythmic options and worded it much better than I ever could, hence why I won’t go into that aspect.)
2562’s output on Tectonic and Martyn’s label (3024 I think) would be good examples imo.

Thanks. Vocal samples really aren’t my thing tbh.

pretty sick tunes,no advice from me cause it’s all pretty much been said. Though I really liked untitled dub (wouldn’t mind a copy if you get around to finishing it :wink: )

Woi. Thank you. Will send a wav once it’s finished.

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tekkk3 is a sick track bro !
I like your hi-hats pattern in both tracks !

deep very nice

really digin’ the second one there. solid work

i like this man. it’s original.
reminds me a bit of earlier 2562