Few Ableton Live 9 Questions

I just switched from Logic Pro to Live 9 and it’s so new to me i dont know to do stuff that was super easy for me in Logic. Could anybody tell me how to bus channels, how to curve automation and also how to snap automation to the grid?

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first of all, you could just google all that. but to not be a ■■■■ now : you cant really bus channels as you did in logic. you can put the output (need to click the small I-O button in the bottom right first) of channels to a certain channel you chose, and put the channel you sent it to on ‘IN’ instead of auto or off.

curve automation try clicking cmd, ctrl shift, alt, - one of these and draw with the pencil tool

snap automation to grid happens automatically when drawing with pencil as far as i’m concerned

(sorry a bit tipsy)

Select the channels you want to bus, hit ctrl+g and you will have a group, what Ableton calls a bus.


This should be handy https://www.ableton.com/en/manual/live-keyboard-shortcuts/

About grids…it always draws squares in the grid as a default so you can do a smooth-ish line if you hold down alt (on a Mac) not sure the windows if you have that.

Oh another good tip that I missed for a while…there is a little padlock icon in the upper right. When enabled (locked) the automations don’t copy and paste with a midi or audio clip but if you unlock it, you can copy and past them along with their automations. I think it is locked by default so it sucks if you don’t know what the lock icon does!

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