Fight Club soundtrack

Anyone here into the Fight Club soundtrack?

All of it was produced by a Duo called ‘The Dust Brothers’ (bar the last song in the film)

The second link has two different beats in it, the second starting at 3:30 ish…

Big fan of some of the music in this film. Big fan of the hefty drum breaks and the samples are sick.

Haven’t managed to find much else from the Dust Brothers that’s similar to this style, be interested as to what you lot think of this stuff.

(More of the soundtrack is available on youtube.)

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they were better known for producing other people’s tunes and remixing.

worth checking out David Holmes, and the 90’s Mo’ Wax catalogue if your after more of this vibe.

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in around 2001 I got into the soundtrack, the extended soundtrack version is great, thinking of it reminds me of being 15, when i was into Kubrick / Tool / / Bill Hicks / Aphex Twin / psychadelics / noam chomsky. thanks Shum thanks will check out

Do you know Fluke - Risotto(album)? Maybe early Chemical Brothers?
It’s more “big beat” but it has a similar feel imo.

Would love to hear some other recommendations too, I love the OST!