Final Mixdown check

Morning lads and lasses :smile:

Could anyone do us a big big favour and tell me how the mix is sounding?

be greatly appreciated :smile:

And if anyone has a better “shadow” sample, that’d be great to

Safe! :smile:

Tune sounding big bruv, on my phone atm so I’m not gonna say much about the mix down though

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sample the shadow from here maybe? there are probably loads tbf

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Large up!

hey man that tune’s cool, a bit long drawn out. but the biggest point is it lacks bass big time if you ask me,

+1 on this, the sub needs much more presence

Mix sounds essentially fine, imo, could maybe boost the master highs a little with a parametric EQ.
What is the origin of the eski sample though? Feel like I should know that lol

I think it could sound cool with a robo-esque shadow, like from a speech generator on a computer. Dunno if you’re using FL, but that has one. Don’t even think the one you have now sounds bad though.

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Safe man, I took it from wiley morgue, but theres numerous places :smile:

Think the first time it was used was in Dj Wonders “What”

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