[Final round voting] Dsf sample pack competition - 47

Group 1 winner - Beta
Group 2 winner - Hotel
Group 3 winner - Mike




  • Beta
  • Hotel
  • Mike

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Poll is closed, winner is Beta so congrats to @knobgoblin

Drop us a line with the new pack when you get chance :thumbsup:


that was close lol

congrats @knobgoblin :slight_smile:
mine was mike thanks everybody voting for it

Is it one vote each?

It was when the voting was open, yes.

haha I realise its not open but if its one vote each and 17 people voted then the distribution of votes should be:

Beta: 6 votes
Hotel: 6 votes
Mike: 5 votes

according to the percentages anyway. Just wondering how Beta won over Hotel basically

You created an account just to pick holes in a contest we do for a bit of fun?

big ups knobgoblin, no doubt gonna get another quality sample pack now

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Not at all man, you’ve got the wrong impression for sure. I’m a long time lurker, been contemplating taking part in this competition but haven’t found the time. Just been following it and it didn’t make sense to me so I thought I would mention it, not trying to shit on anyone.

It was a fun contest for sure

Congrats can’t wait for the next comp

Congrats @knobgoblin! Mine was hotel. A bit miffed that it wasn’t a draw, but winning doesn’t always matter, a great tune won, great tunes were showcased, and I learned a lot in the process of making mine, really fun. Super stoked for the next one, will gladly participate again! I hope more people show up for next time, last time there were 37 voters, this time only 17.

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I wanna know who voted for mine. It was alpha and I had like 1 vote and it made me happy lol.

The one with the fucked up noises and droney thing. Then the lame beat kicks in.

I think i was golf cant remember. the one with the lame down tempo beat with the chords

anyway good job to all involved

I was the one with the dodgy garagey breaky kind of tune.

i was indigo

big ups everyone

congrats :slight_smile:

Hey thanks guys! Working from 100% samples was a pretty big challenge to me, so I’m glad you guys dug it. So does this mean I put together the next sample pack?:smiling_imp:

@primer : I don’t mind sharing the title! I felt like i got the monopoly card “bank error in your favor” when i worked out that we were tied but I won.

@BudSpencertron: somehow I knew that track would be yours, loved it