First dubstep track ADVICES?

You need to pull out some sub around 230Hz and 330hz. It stands out in the mix too much. Look into compression and limiting.

You could try distortion on the drums to get them to sound bigger. Limiting to make them harder hitting then compensation to make them bounce right in the mix. Personally I would add more layers to the snare.

Its cool though you just need to get everything to sound a little bigger and fatter.

dont make dubstep its dead

listen to more dubstep
LOTS of it

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Terrible advice, IMO.

Listen to as much as you can outside of the genre you’re trying to make.

from that WIP, it doesn’t seem like he has much of a grasp on dubstep, so he should listen to more of it. after the bass education, then he should listen to a much music that isn’t dubstep as possible

Don’t make music to fit into a genre. Make the music you want to hear, and if it happens to sound like (insert genre here) then great… if not, that’s fine too.

So yeah, the EQ needs work as stated above and there’s a long way to go before you’re in the neighborhood of an arrangement. But more importantly: do YOU like it? If so, keep going.