First Track

The Dubs forum is for posting your own tracks that are works in progress that you would like to get feedback on or your own completed, unreleased tunes that you would like to share with members of the community.

The suggested format for your thread titles is the following:

Artist A - Track Title (Artist B remix) [genre/s]

So, in the case of the Indian Dub by Loefah, it would be formatted:

Loefah - Indian Dub [Dubstep/2-step]

And in the case of Skream’s remix of Indian Dub:

Loefah - Indian Dub (Skream remix) [Dubstep/2-step]


This one of the first tracks I made a while back, I’m kind of coming to dubstep from the outside, but anyway what do people think!

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Nice, maybe add some ambient sound to tie everything together and to create depth. Which genre are you aiming for?