First... well second song

This is the first real song I’ve made and I would like some critique. It taught me a lot and while I know it’s not great I’m pretty happy with it.

I was going for a Deep Medi kind of vibe.

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Some very nice sounds, has a unique vibe to it, and I love that snare! Overall its very good for a second song!^-^

I think your hi-hats could be a little quieter in the mix.
Adding some attack to the lead sound that comes in at 2:08 mightn’t be a bad move either, I think it sounds a little jerky and a bit abrasive as it is. Heck, wouldn’t even sound bad as an LP wub.
The little sfx you’ve added sound cool. That being said, the bit before the breakdown with all sfx going and the lead playing is a little clashy, imo. There’s one that sounds like breathing that sounds a bit dry for the mix though, I’d go a few db quieter with it and add an 8step delay to it.

Thanks guys. Like I said I learned a lot. One of the big ones being not to layer so many sounds :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the idea of lowering the hats. I applied that to the song I’m working on now and it made it sound so much better. I then started messing with the levels of just about everything and it made a huge difference.

Lol this ones old. You should check out some of my newer stuff