FL Studio crashes when I use Serum

Hey guys !
I’ve been using serum for a year now and this is clearly the first time it happens to me : I’m working on a new project which I can’t open anymore, each time I try to open it, FL double crashes at the end of the loading (yep, double crash, I get two “FL stopped working” windows). If I remove the Serum .dll from the VST file I can open the project again.

I’m not using a shitload of Serums here, only 7-8 which is absolutely decent for my CPU. The problem is clearly not here.

Any idea ?

I’m sorry if i’m posting in the wrong part of the forum, I thought this would be the most appropriate category.

So it only happens when you try to load this one specific project file?

Apparently yes, I lost my other projects so I only have this one in which I use Serum but if I open another one with no serum in it, it doesn’t crash

I’d whip up a sample project with a bunch of instances of Serum and save it and try to reopen it to see if maybe just that one project file got corrupted. It hasn’t happened to me often, but I’ve been using FL Studio since version 7 and have occassionally had project files that just wouldn’t open anymore for no good reason.

So I did a whole new project and opened a bunch of Serums like you suggested + loaded presets, it crashed
I tried without presets in a other new project and it crashed too

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Serum?

Yes I did, I even tried the updates

edit : I re-uninstalled and installed it, same problem.

I somehow fixed the problem, but now my presets are dead, I can still open them but it doesn’t change anything to the init preset rofl.

Not trying to be a dick but…if any of the software is pirated that might explain all your issues.

I think I’d probably contact both software companies at this point.

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Well. There is your problem. Cracks are unstable /thread

Closed as it’s regarding pirated software.