FL Studio FPC Drum pad question MPC

I’ve just bought a new Midi Keyboard with drum pad and i’m using it with fl studio FPC not sure how to explain my question but i want to use it like a some MPC videos i have seen i wanted to tap one pad once then another without them being overlapped

Atm i have to hit a pad hold it down once released it stops so i guess i just wanted to tap each pad without holding down then move onto the next one without being overlapped

hope this makes sense kinda hard for me to explain but hopefully someone gets it…!!!


Do you mean you want the sample assigned to each pad to only play for the duration of time that the pad is held down?

If so, it sounds like you need to adjust the ADSR envelope for each sample in the FPC window itself;

Envelope settings are at the bottom with with the ADSR values.

No just to tap it and it to carry on untill i tap the next one without overlapping

There’re options for cutting certain pads by other pads, but I’m not sure if you’ll be able to make it such that a given pad is cut by any other pad using those settings. I used to use FPC quite a bit, but honestly the step sequencer and piano roll got you covered imo. May be a little more finicky but you can change the pad settings in the midi to get different channels to different pads, and the sampler offers more manipulation control.

Carry on as in looping, or beat repeating/retriggering itself?

Notice how hes not holding down the pads just tapping it once and the sample or drum does not overlap i’m using an Alesis V49 Midi keyboard with drum pad but don’t think you can do this on

                                                   right here set the cut 
                                                  group and cut by
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thanks for the reply David Arias but i’m still struggling just cant seem to get it to work

Thank you Guys i set cut to 1 and By to 1 on every pad works a treat thanks again

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right on fam

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