FL studio mac beta crew

Anyone else running the beta?
Think we could have this as a discussion thread for those of us who don’t frequent the image-line thread and as a news-sharing ground for those of us who do.

I’m having this weird problem where my sample library doesn’t show up fully. I’ve added it to the browser under F10->File->Folder_Name, but the folder itself has a bunch of folders going from A-Z, and it goes about as far as E, and stops. It shows a few of the samples I have sitting outside of sub-folders too. Anyone else had this/know how to get around it? It’s not always been like that. Started randomly some time in the past two months.

I’ve got it installed, used it for a bit but found you’re much better off just running FL in a virtual machine. Far less problems that way (although obviously theres the problem of CPU usage)

Sooo many VSTs dont work on the mac version of FL because you have to use Windows VSTs, many of which will not register correctly on Mac etc.

But other than that it works pretty well tbh, if all the main VSTs that I cant live without worked on mac then I would defo be using it!

even using FL on a virtual machine is a shitstorm. I recomend bootcamping right away. Audio driver emulation/adaption is terrible in parallels/vmware…

I cant use bootcamp or i would, im running an iMac and it has a broken CD drive. Also unable to use the trick where you can install from a bootable USB because even if you do that bootcamp still looks at the CD drive rather than installing from the USB.

you can install bootcamp from an ISO.

Yes, I know this. But this only works on devices without a disk drive.

My iMac has a disk drive, so bootcamp will ALWAYS look at that drive when looking for the windows files, regardless of whether I do the trick which allows you to “fool” bootcamp into installing from USB.

Believe me, ive tried many different methods and failed.

burn iso on a disk?

or you might be able to disable the disk drive through a terminal command.

Tbh, the beta is fine for the most part. Actually find it to crash less than the windows versions I used in the past, and I generally only use stock plugs so no external isn’t a deal breaker for me. Think I have dfx monomaker and a few other things, but you can run those on the DLL files which I copied from friend’s computers.

why not just cop a cheap usb cd drive? they are like $10-20