Follow me on soundcloud. Lol, i'm desperate XD


My song:


Man you are talented, followed you, and at least you have 72 followers, i have merely 19. Basically almost no one ever listens to my tracks

I’ll be sure to give your tracks a listen, and follow you. Also, thank you!

I wanna flag this for spam, but you’re so beautifully honest about :cornlol:

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man, if you want to get your music out there and you are not signed to a label why are your tracks not free downloads?

Lol! XD

Labels usually don’t sign free downloads.

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They wont sign anything thats already released most of the time. How do you expect people to listen to your music? Soundcloud everytime? Either a track is signed or not there is no point being exclusive when trying to get your sound out there

Stop telling people what to do with their own music man. If you want a DL just ask.

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Man you are a right bag of nuts the guy wanted followers. Thats how you get them