Footwork/Juke You're Listening To


A few that come to mind


man why u merge this shit was about to catch up on juke … Have to check where ray posts now


fucking yes suitable for heartbreak juke <3

found in most recent sagepay radar show, good shit


Some of last years highlights for me:
-Jlin’s Dark Energy and Free Fall
-DJ Manny’s Into Your Mind
-DJ Spinn’s The Future Is Now
-DJ Rashad’s 6113
-Tripletrain’s This Is Tripletrain
-Skip Club Orchestra’s Step 2 Enchantment
-A bunch of DJ Chap stuff that he’s now deleted from Bandcamp
-Footmerc’s Time & Tension
-Werk That by DJ Compton
-Paypal’s Sold Out (especially the final track with Keiska’s debut - big)


Just some stuff I’m really feeling

If people know good tunes matching the vibe of these that would be great





hey man do you listen to lots of mixes btw? Because I feel like I’m missing out, can’t find much lately and now just found traxman has his tekliving series and OGs of footwork but I cant find any other mixes of those series (only the latest), have anything else (mix/sets) you recommend? Cheers


not really

beatdown house guys t-rell & c-bit put some pretty good ones

dude from salt lake dcomplexity has been pretty regularly uploading some good mixes from various dudes on his footwork fusion channel

other than that to find tunes im usually just following ppl on bandcamp & get the emails






oiii maybe someone can help?

Drinking with a friend chatting about tunes and this track came up in convo, it was a fave of ours but we both lost it. Elmoe released it free maybe 4 years back now called Wang Dat Ho Ram Dat Mouf. Some funny shit. All he’s got now is this remix of it below. It’s just not as funny though without his vocals. Might just try hitting him up I guess.


Yea i have that new one

hit him up or maybe @sela



Yeah I got it. Send a message if you want it. Dunno if he didn’t want it public so don’t wanna upload it everywhere. It’s only a 160Kbit mp3 but good enough to listen to.


hey guys
forgot to post this here
found it a while ago
(all of it is/was free at the time iirc)


Nice one thanks. I recognise a lot of the titles, some good stuff in there.

I extracted all the links so you all can just throw them in a download manager instead of clicking 106 times:

Speaking of free releases here’s the latest Teklife VIP: (their dropbox)


finally saw someone from teklife last night :corndance:

j cush got replaced by kode9 who played my fave fuckin tune

dj earl was mad, dj’d the whole set without headphones on ???