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Don’t really listen to any footwork but really like the video on this one

this one always gets a sick reaction in Zurich because the sample sounds like “Tsuri Ya Tsuri” (‘Züri, ja, Züri’) which in swiss german means “Zurich yes Zurich”. the more you know.

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Jit to this.

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Ive literally fallen off the wagon in the last 8 months. where should i be looking for some of that straight chicago shit?

this Twista juke tune is actually pretty sick… didn’t hear it till today.

I’d say lyrically we’re pretty much in the core with this one:

and this one’s still kicking, one of the first juke tunes I ever listened:


would post D-Scanna ‘Don’t let me get in my zone’ but cant find it anywhere, huge track

saw DJ Earl, Taye, Paypal & Felo in Antwerp (went solo lol) one of my top events man some tunes just murked the place (imho) not that many ppl but as to be expected, still fire, got a new shirt (yeay)
go see them if you get the chance
dont miss out

also fuck badges fcking fck and stupid shit like it, for the rest quite ok, just post music & stop whining bitches, also link this tune its too sick
spread the love, enough whine already :smiley:


  • The paypal vid but don’t want to clog

also for anybody willing to search them here are some good tunes;
Addison Groove - Allyall records
Addison Groove - Rudeboy
Boxcutter - New Yen Ep
Boi-A-Gutz - 160 #10
Boi-A-Gutz - Drum Tool #1
Boi-A-Gutz - 160 #7 [cutnpaste remix]
Carrion Sound - Routine
Ceebrodukshons - FlyingSpaceWater
CLoBeatz - Where Yo Ghost At 2014
C-Lo Beatz - SyFy (Technobangz)
Danny Scrilla – Hindsight
Desto - Chamber 7
Desto - Close2U
Desto - D.I.L.L.I.G.A.S. VIP
Desto - Don’t Lose Yourself
Desto - ink pit
Desto - now that you got me
Desto - Left Speakers R 4 Sounds RP Boo X Mala X Legend4ry [Desto mashup]
DJ 204 Murdok - Hold My Dope (Lil B)
DJ Clent - Beat the pussy
DJ Clent - You Wack!!!
DJ Clent ?– Last Bus To Lake Park
DJ Curt hate 13’
DJ Earl - Eyes Don’t Lie (Machinedrum)
DJ Earl - I don’t Know EP
DJ Earl - Jumping Duck (DES)
DJ Earl - Ride dis dikk (DJ Rashad)
DJ Earl - Vox
DJ Elmoe - burnin up vol 1
DJ Fulltono - BCFW
DJ Fulltono - My Mind Beats vol 1.
DJ Fulltono - Mystic
DJ Mel gibson - I must love you
DJ Nate - 3peat
DJ Rashad - Drop Juke Out
DJ Rashad & Gant-Man - I can’t get no sleep (masters at work feat India)
DJ Rashad & Gant-Man ft Kid Sister - I juke all day (hood rmx)
DJ Rashad & Gant-Man - Shake & Pop (green velvet)
DJ Spinn & Taso & Fracture - Jam #1
DJ Spinn - Dubby
DJ Spinn - The Comin
DJ Solo - dedly organs
DJ Taye - Do this all night
DJ Taye - 24TH
DJ Taye - Elevatorz
DJ Taye - Eazy
DJ Taye - Never Been
DJ Torch - Legacy Horn EP
DJ Tre - I’m Breaking Hearts
DJ Tre - You upset em
DJ Warlord - Santa Is My Girl
Druguse - HRL (all city)
Durban - 32 Seconds
Durban - I’m So
DV-i - Shenzhen Miracle
Ebbo Kraan - Pian808
Ebbo Kraan - Thirst
EQ Why - The Dynamic time
EQ Why ?– Enter The Why Volume
Etch – A Walk In Bucktown
Fracture - Luv Ta Luv Ya (DJ Monita astrophonica rmx)
Fracture & Sam Binga - Gripping Grain
Fracture & Sam Binga ft. Rider Shafique - Back It Up
Fracture - From Early (& Chimpo, Fractures reduction mix)
Frenquency - Greyscale
Gant-Man - Magic Werkz
Gant-Man - Gon’ Bang Tha Box (2006 RMX)
Heavee - Icemaster
Hiele - Essenntial Oills
Hiroki Yamamura - Gardens
Hiroki Yamamura - Hyper Abration
Hydroponic Missiles - The Edge (David McCallum)
Karmelloz - ?? (christmas 2.0)
Kidlogic – Morning Math
Kid Lib - Soundmove
Linfeng Lee - on the clouds
LKD - Loas
Lotus Echo-JerkChikenR
Lux Familiar - Visionary
Lux Familiar - Let’s Get Dirty
Machinedrum - Bermuda love triangle (ghetto rush rmx)
Machinedrum - Hazel Ash
Machinedrum - Mine (Beyonce)
Machinedrum - Secret Squirrel (jungle Squirrel)
Machinedrum - Tried by 12 (East Flatbush Project)
Manny - driftin on by
Manny & Kidd - we get down
Mark Kloud - Step off (Danny Breaks)
Moondocter - Chi 2 L.A.
Moresounds - Pure Niceness
MP - U don’t Know Me
Namebrandsound - Gigolos
Paisley Parks - ?h?§†
RKP - Hood boyz
RP Boo - Battle in the jungle
RP Boo - What cha-gonna du
Shake it Maschine - Time Patrol (Kode9)
Shamanic Technology - Shadow Work
Slick Shoota - Back It Up
Sweetbreads - Baby Mod
Taso - I will
Traxman - Suk The Meanest (DJ Phil)
Traxman & RP Boo - Don’t Get A Nun Nothinnn
Typhonic - Bass 4 your booty
Unknown - arkanfall
Unknown - stolen from magical clouds fader mix
Unknown - hail
Abyss - Foodworks Vol1
dj Manny day dreaming
Path To Destruction EP Disponant
29-33 dj rez jungle juice dat nunu
No Biggy - Louis Fingers and CK Francis (Biasonic)
Addison Groove & Sam Binga Feat. DRS - RZOR
Addison Groove & DJ Die - 167 Blast
Addison Groove - Ain’t It Love
Addison Groove Feat.Josefina - Abandon
Eurocrack - Kräkkäränkkä
Ja-Panic frequency
S L V - 4Rose
Catching Flies Mama’s Wisdom
dj 2tall say my name 2K14
dj chap - free bass
Mincha & Ghost Town - Aberdeen (Howie Lee Remix)
DJ Diamond ?– GHETTO GLORY Juke 2.5
EQ WHY - Equalized
Moveltraxx - Movelt Posse
Rachett Traxxx - Fear of the black hacker
think thats about it peace out also some of the stuff credit due Oh85



dark knights and those jeans particular percys

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Think my favourite Footwork/Juke/Jersey producer is Marcus Price

I’m in mood for some new music.
What good came out in juke last year? Any essential 2015 albums/tracks/mixes that I should listen to?

Apparantly this is footwork? Found it on soundcloud: