Forthcoming UK Garage / Bass on Strictly Flava

Hi guys,

Just to give you all a heads up…

Strictly Flava is a brand new label and will be releasing 2 tracks from Scott Diaz, coming out next month.

Pre-orders available via soundcloud.

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Strictly Flava

We just uploaded the full version of Scott Diaz - On High on our youtube page…

Take a listen, leave a comment, like, share, subscribe…all that good stuff.

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Hey guys,

Thanks to everyone supporting SF001 Scott Diaz - Chancery Lane / On High

To follow up from that release, Strictly Flava turned to the skills of house and garage producer Qualifide.

Strictly Flava strive to push the boundaries in UK bass music and the brief to Qualifide was: “To experiment and do something different, that didn’t necessarily fit into a genre but still sounded like his style”. Matt though about it for a while and the result was the ‘Deep End EP’. 4 tracks which embrace UK garage, house, Bass and grime.

Track one ‘Block Them’ in a nod back to Qualifide’s ‘Look Shook’ era, but with a soulful sample loop and well cut up hooks which subtly change throughout the duration of this groove making a unique merge of styles.

The title track ‘The Deep End’ has a sub bass designed to destroy sound systems, you are without doubt going to be drawn into this broken groove which is a cross between broken beat, garage and old skool 2 step.

Tracks three and four: ‘They Run’ and ‘They Run (Dub)’. These two versions are a trip back to the vintage US garage ‘Dub Mix’ sound with a trance like twist. A hypnotic synth hook loops throughout the duration, which is broken up with various spooky samples and well delivered drum edits & progressive drum programming.

Take a step back, listen to this EP well, as it is will take you straight into the deep end of Strictly Flava’s vision of the future of Bass music.

SF002: Qualifide ‘The Deep End’ EP

Hey guys,

Got some new stuff coming out after xmas and thought I’d share with you first.


Hi all,

You can now Pre-Order the the tracks, the links are available via Soundcloud and our YouTube Channel.


Hey guys,

Here’s our next EP.

This time we’ve gone for a Techno influenced EP.

Got a nice mixture of UKG on this remix compilation.

New one from us dropping 16/02/2018…

Thanks for all the support so far!

Another release this month…This time from Stixy D

This Echelon geezer’s kind of a badman!
Did you ever hear of Tony Devotion? He had a similar vibe about his music, but he’s stopped producing afaik. If you check him out, I recommend ‘Beaks’.

Echelon is a side project from Scott Diaz

a few more new releases from us

New one from us…

Sorry we’ve not been updating the thread…here are our latest offerings!


Hello all,

Not posted on here for a while but thought I’d share this one with you.

Garage legend About 2 makes a comeback with "In My Head’

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release sounding big :turntablist:

Nice one, glad you like it!

Not posted here for a while but recently did a mix for Rinse France you may be interested in…

Also loads of new releases on the soundcloud page too.