Free access codes for "Make Electronic Music (using open source software)" a class for beginners

Hey fam, I recently finished created my first online class on Skillshare called MAKE ELECTRONIC MUSIC (using free software).

The class is meant for beginners and is based around LMMS, a 100% open source DAW. It’s a simplified version of FL Studio.

This is my referral link (Every student who signs up using your referral links gets 2 free months of Premium. In return, I get paid…)
[Skillshare Class Link]


Wanted to give a little background on why I’m using LMMS for this class.

It’s the only 100% free DAW out there I know of (no signing up for any services, no lite edition, no bs). It’s open source if you’re into that. I’m pushing it because I’ve been teaching beginning production lessons using free DAWs (my pirating days are behind me). I was teaching on MuLab, but the latest version doesn’t have a free version and I needed to find a suitable replacement.

It’s a pretty simplified DAW, so easy for beginners but also fully featured. It works a lot like FL studio with a beat / bassline step sequencer in addition to a traditional piano roll / song editor. Comes with a it’s own synths and samples and works with VSTs. The work flow is super easy and fast once you get a few quirks of the DAW.

also, here’s my intro video to the class and a link

Make Electronic Music class on

ps. Skillshare is pretty legit. There’s some other production classes on there, mark ecko has a branding class on there based on biggie and there’s lots of watercolor classes lol

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Here’s that mark ecko class I mentioned

Reaper :+1:

tbf reaper’s not free

says the asshole who’s used it for a total of 493209 hours and still wont give these poor fuckers the measly 60 USD they ask for a license :badteeth:


It’s free if you don’t pay the voluntary license fee haha. Tbf I did pay it.

They know you use it without license and skip the nag screen. Just like Winrar and Total Commander programmers.

This kid keeps chasing me on a bike saying “I want my two dollars!”.


I think it’s worthwhile to support the Reaper guys and buy a license: they’re a small shop yet they’re totally on the ball with updates, fixes, and feedback in a way their pricier competitors can only dream of. Like, LMMS is obviously filling a niche too but their update schedule isn’t exactly aggressive

That said, a FOAF is asking around about getting started making beats for zero money. Gonna send him your link @khybot.


thanks, yeah trying to get some people to take my class :cool:

here’s 10 free access codes for DSF members

Enroll in my class for free: “Make Electronic Music (using open source software)” via @skillshare
(codes expire end of 2019)
Reaper is really nice, though I already bought acid and FL studio, but would consider it otherwise. that nag screen is a slow death.

Good point about the LMMS updates. Funny, I remember checking it out a few months ago and it looked kinda lame, but the newest version of LMMS is pretty tight.


send me a brochure, am interested

still some free access codes available

it’s wild seeing a ninja as a person

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oh yeah. we’re real people. lol

i meant ninja as in dsf ninja, that night have come across a bit wrong :sweat_smile: