Free drum machine samples site

friend recommended this, any drum machines in particular you guys would recommend, kinda rinsed out 808,707 etc, and really liked boss dr 660

selections so big its a bit daunting
@Phigure ?

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oh man RIP this guys bandwidth

uploading my drum machine folder right now, lot of overlap with that site but theres a few different ones




(ffs can we get rid of the body is invalid thing sometimes i only wanna say 2 words ffs)

Downloaded them all ages ago. :sunglasses:

In general the more obscure or primitive machines are going to have just an odd shaker or hat sound that might be usable - the kicks and snares often sound like ass, but might be redeemable with distortion or something.

Iā€™m a big fan of the Korg Minipops fwiw. It layers well, and its limited freq range means it can do some weird wonky rhythms underneath a more straight riddim without them clashing.

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Minipops 7. :love:

Audio rip to 320:

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