Free Kick& Snare (Matched)

I was working on making a snare I liked. I’m not going to use it in a while becuase I have loads of stuff to finish. So I though I would put it on here and maybe some newbie/anyone might get some fun out of it.

Then I thought… well what if the person using it doesn’t know how to create and match a kick to it… So I made and matched a kick.

This was not at all an excuse for me to make drums I don’t need!

Here is the link to the .wav

If you want me to upload it somewhere better I can.

If you are a newbie:
The drums are kind of neutral right now becuase that’s how I like them to be when I start a track. You could load up a track on youtube you like the character of and EQ the drums just a little agenst it. Then you can EQ the rest of your track to the drums and you should end up with a good overall sound.

What do u mean matched kick

By matched I mean that they have been EQed so that they sound good together. Like one complete unit instead of two random drums. Most importantly that the bass in the snare hits in the right frequency bands around where the kick is hitting… but not at the exact same frequency.

I’m finding it hard to put this into words here :frowning:

Hopefully you get what I’m trying to say.

Its a few other things too. Like making sure the way they both hit and then fade out goes together.

I sort of see but yea each to their own.

I never been much into it rly I just use two samples lol

But I bet when you chose the samples you must kind of know what you are doing and you chose two that go together.

I might make a tutorial on this. It would have to be a video though because there is no way I can write it down.

That vocal sample is heavy. Feeling that break too! Everything is distorted so perfectly for the time!


What do you think about 2011 distortions?


Ha, at that time I just hit my 20s. Analog gear was a luxury I didn’t have. The only thing I had was a copy of Camel Crusher that came free with a issue of Computer Music magazine. :joy:

So I can’t really comment on gear like that.

That snare is 'orrible. very brosteppy - not really good for dubstep.