Free music for you for free

Hello all,

Here´s a collection of tracks from an old computer,

i don´t really want to attribute any name to them or anything

they´re all free D/L

hope you enjoy


(changed title to make it more enticing to people)

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upon skipping through - “And” is very cool. tbh I think some more work on the mixdowns could’ve helped a lot of these tunes stand out a bit more. that being said, you have developed a couple of interesting ideas. I’m looking forward to give them a proper listen later on. big up, anyway.

Cheers man,

yes yes mix downs are not too hot…

Big up yourself !

Just a lil bump for anyone who missed this :slight_smile:

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Just added 14 more tracks

so there´s 25 in total to download


This is a pretty tight set of beats. Have to agree about the mixing, not particularly bad, just very quiet. You should do some post processing to bring the levels up a bit after you export.
So far I like ‘Cosmic Way’ the most. The drumline and the pitch bending percs on it are tight. Rude bassline too.

Edit, turned my speakers up. Mixing itself isn’t bad at all, rather good actually. Just volume.

Thanks MJ :slight_smile:

Yes everything is v quiet, all my tunes are, I don’t really know how to make things loud,
Withought just whacking on a mastering suite and destroying it…

I can only put it down to the mixdowns, but it must be on a technical level above my measly ability !

Thankyou for listening I’m suprised cosmic way is your favorite but each to their own !! :):slight_smile:

What’re you using?

Those are all reason 4,

using 8 now,

you ??

FL11, I was gonna try and give some suggestions about the boosting, but know fuck all about Reason, haha.

Ahh not too worry man !

Started out using FL but switched to reason for college…

I guess it’s just a case nowadays that most people destroy their shit so it’s tooo loud, I could upload a version of a song maybe MJ, pick one from the soubdcloud that you think could most do with a boost and I’ll just do a very lazy master in reason…you’ll see what I mean, it’ll be loud as fuck but just sound like shite…

If you like cosmic way, I would say also to check out Eastern, both tracks were made within a few hours of each other so they’ve got similar drums and “vibe” I guess :slight_smile:

No worries, I usually do it myself for tunes I wanna use in a mix. In FL what I usually do is open up the soft clipper and set threshold to maximum and then open up a parametric EQ2 before it and turn it up a little. For my own, I link the wav’s track to three different ones where I can split the bands and apply compression separately. Generally, my kick’s the loudest element, so I’ll just boost the master track’s EQ2 so that it sits at about -2db and when the bass kicks in it doesn’t get too squashed.
I checked eastern on the first listen through, it’s alright, doesn’t get me where Cosmic Way does though.

Maaan !!! That’s a lot of stuff to do :-!

Where d’ya learn to do stuff like that ?

University or youtube ??

Trial and error really.

Fair play to you :slight_smile:

I’ve got some homework to be doing !!

Though having said that, when I turn my headphones up using sound card it goes as loud as if bloody want it, I find myself wincing at how loud everything is on soundcloud and have to turn the thing down…is this the world today you have to be loud to be noticed !

Typed loud too many times now and it doesent even seem like a word !

Loud loud loud

Is it how the French say lewd ??

Off track there sorry !

You didn’t take my offer to select a track to be “louded” so I’ll just pick a random one, try some of the things you’ve said and hopefully it won’t sound like flat a digital pancake ! Mmm tasty !!

There you go. has been louded !

If anyone else has some feedback im more than open for criticism and nasty words so don’t hold back !!

Edit*deleted quiet one

That’s true, but I’d rather have it a little loud and turn it down than have it too quiet and not be able to turn it up loud enough, which would be the case if I didn’t have a pre-amp.

Fair Point :slight_smile:

Thats the first time ive done anything on top of the mix and i think it sounds okay, making me think i’ve gotta take them all down n do it again…on the limiter it said it was clipping but out of reasons master it wasnt clipping…i dunno whats happening but it would be nice if somebody with a nice set of ears could tell me the differences between the two…i think the louder one obviously stands out more but i’m sure there’s subtle bits that im not trained to hear that are glaringly obviously shiite…

cheers for your interaction MJ !

Edit* Just deleted all track then uploaded 17 boosted ones and deleted a few cos some of them sounded a bit shiite so i’m now officially Loud and Proud

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Doing my edits atm. Kinda just grabbed loot of your page, tweaking it now and realizing it’s a fucking banger. Big ups!

Can I save you as ‘Burlish’ in my iTunes? Kinda long to search for punctuation marks.
Also, some of this music really shouldn’t be free.