Free "Must Have" Vst effects for Bass and Leads?

Please tell me what Vst’s all you guys are using.

If we’re talking about fx then Overloud TH2 is good, it’s actually a plugin for guitars but I use it for lots of things, comes with a load of amp/cab emulators and fx pedal emulators… Also the spring reverb unit it has is SICK!

For softsynths I have Serum and it is undoubtedly sick but I find myself not using it all that often, I find myself just coming back to Ableton’s Operator and resampling it to get most of my synth sounds

i use TAL Elek7ro because i can’t synth

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D16 Devastator and Demicort. FabFilter Saturn. U-he RePro for classic/bread and butter sounds.

Soundtoys Decapitator

I’m good synth-wise, but yeah I need some effects besides the default FL Studio plugins. Ill try the ones you guys posted.

EDIT: Btw free plugins

TAL has a lot of good free plugins

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When I had Komplete I used Guitar Rig on lots of stuff. At the time it I thought the FX were the best in the NI stable.


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