Free Tutorials/Samples on Sound,Sound Design, FL Studio every Sunday/Wednesday

Hello am giving Free tutorials, Samples on Sound, Sound Design and for FL Studio and i will be answering questions regarding FL Studio in this thread/forum and many more. Our tutorial about Compression (with Visual Help) is up, and multiband compression tutorial is up.

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Also a free sample pack from with 8 Neuro Basses.


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Tutorial about equalizing basics is up


General talk and advicement video on daws, speakers , headphones and some general talk about things like mixing and mastering us up.

Also a Free Sample pack with 3 accoustic drums kits available for download.


En: The English tutorial about Mono/stereo differences and information, Mid/Side Processing is up. Link:

The next About Basic Effects, Filters - Reverb, Delay , Pan Pots - Lowpass - Highcut Tutorial is up


En: The English Tutorial about Sound Shaping using an Equalizer is up.


New Tutorial where we discuss an easy,fast way of making atmospheres,basics is up.


En: The New Tutorial in English About Ηow to elimate the S sound Otherwise called De-essing Using A Multiband Compressor is up.

En: The English Tutorial On How To Make The Drums To Sound More Aggresive And Punchier Is Up.


With joy i announce my first uploaded track on the Internet taken from my free downloadable digital release named Tame This - Genre Drum And Bass.With this announcement I’m also opening my own soundcloud, where you can listen to the music that i produce.

Soundcloud Link:

Have A Nice Day.

En: The new Tutorial in English were we Design, Talk About Sub Bass is up.


14.En: For Every Day: Sound Design: Dubstep Wobble, Effect Modulation With Two Different Ways.