Fresh one from me and Sativa

Title says all… Enjoy! :smile:

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Yes mate!

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Large up!

Got a few questions, really like your hats! Can I hear a flanger on them? and do you sidechain them to the kick? and how many about did you use here? Sorry for hella questions shuffling hi hats is something I’m working on

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nice work! :+1:

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No worries man large up yourself!

We made this one with stems so when I got them sent to me, I think there was 3, like the straight ones and the ones before the snare etc…

If I can remember I only added the 32’s.

Yeah man I side chain pretty much everything to the kick and snare, anything else also if necessary, feel it gives it a bit more movement.

Also when doing faster hats I.e 16/32 I tend to duplicate the channel strip and have one playing a lot quieter, ghost notes are sick for adding a bit more bounce rather than having your hats sound like a machine :smile:

Another way would be to fade every over hat at the start so it takes some of the bite away!

Safe! :smile: