From where to start?

I am going to make music from tommorow. I bought ableton after lot of research. I want to ask from where should i start to make music. I mean should i make drums 1st or melodies. Please help me!!

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Hi, before you start posting threads I suggest you have a look through the forum to see if the thread you want to start already exists. There’re a number of threads covering this topic, so to keep us from having to iterate everything, here’s a link to it. Read through and ask questions in there.

If you don’t make your bass first your tune will be shit

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OP: what’s funny is that a lot of daws assume you kind of know what you want to do already…

  1. do you know anything about synths and step sequencers? If not, that’s the best place to start learning ASAP.

  2. try to find some MIDI files of entire tunes - doesn’t have to be dubstep or bass music, but reggae is actually a good genre to begin with - and load them into Ableton and start assigning voices and loading samples, then play around with parameters and such.

Put a kick on 1 a snare on 2. Put a sub on the off beat. Sample some middle eastern tune or something. Add maybe a few oos or yeahs. Repeat forever.