Fuccboi house


probably not for the heads in the house thread

i really don’t think any1 is interested in talkinga bout how this is not as good as workshop/berghain black turtleneck wearing house so miss me with that


oh shit that 3rd one
on the dancefloor

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haze and this has the same pads haha


house is supposed to be fun

its become the least inclusive genre

(meaning i completely agree with op)

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lool a lot of these tunes get play by my m8s

How can you say that in a thread dedicated to funloving, lo-fi house? The sole existence of this thread and the tunes posted in here prove the contrary, no? Unless I completely misunderstood your point?

some genredefining shit to get it out of the way >>>

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I don’t understand what would be wrong with this?
I own alot of these tunes, i just thought it was house?
This thread has confused me
Someone explain

The whole aesthetic is played out. It was cool when L.I.E.S. et al brought it to the table, but nowadays everyone sounds a bit like boring Greg Beato. So many of the tunes in here build upon the same distorted kicks, fat pads and a loopy vocal. It’s essentially music for white middleclass youngsters wearing bucket hats (aka @Harkat :wink: ).

I’m not particularly fond of the style, but a tastefully placed tune or two per set can do serious damage.

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i mean og house was fun and open minded and that rkm is right in assuming it should be that and not perfume ad house

the best house is super gay and disco

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RKM said he didn’t care about what’s better - a discussion you’ve arguably started in this thread :badteeth:
House is for everyone, and that’s the beauty of it. Such a rich, vast palette of sonics to choose from, there’s something for every set of ears :heart_exclamation:

Fair enough, didn’t realise it was its own catagory or kinda scene.
I just buy whatever sounds good on red eye.
So what about Mood Hut or Rhythm Section?
Are they not classed as proper house either lol

no jrk you’re reading it wrong

ahhhahah i knew this would happen and knew it had happened as soon as i saw this had 15 replies

i was just embracing the fact that nmg and house purists have basically been hating it and saying what jrk said about it being nothing new

but also the fact that despite that (which i can’t argue with) its fucking fun

so just post crunchy bumpy house

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jrk you are also right about this being music for middle class white bucket hat wearers

but like

classy purist house is just for middle class white people in different hats lol


I just answered hibble’s question as to why people criticise that style. As I said before, I’m cool with this shit as long as it’s in moderation. Couldn’t stand a 3h set of W A V E Y tunes.

Nuff chat, post bangerz