Fun Fame

swerver the top lad 10minutes ago
responding to nuSD5’s paraphrased questions
What’s the best way?
don’t allow your head to disappear up your own orifice
(censored for general consumption herein)

I’m about to be famous
what advice yu got for handling it ok
benga, you can reply son
but like everybody else
no mukin about
give us a straight honest answer

goes for yu too Ollie
or fuck yu mate
,I’ll publish.

Nah not really
But surely I can be a famous producer
and remain accessible?

Should I stay accessible or hide?

like did anyone see the Go-Betweens in Portland 1982
what wouldyuav said to those poor fuckas
wierdo & alkojunkie
have a look at the recent doco
what we used to call in oz
brilliant ratbags

it’s what we share with the NZders.

but the impending burden still lears
what should i do?


Do what billy did and quit being famous when your at your peak. Then write a book about reptiles.

at your peak?
If I’m famous
how do I know when I’m at my peak?

or, like the Go-Betweens,
do I conceive my peak to be when I get media coverage?

that seems a bit crass

Or jimmy was a race car driver that drove so dam fast. Then he stopped because he wanted to write a book about hamsters

yes you’re right sigsbowl
sacrifice is inevitable
and fame is a cruel master

once resigned to having one’s essence misunderstood & distorted
there are those who come to prioritize the cause over truth
and those who invite infamy by insisting upon the truth
as they see it.

who is more honourable
who more admirable?

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Listening to smashing pumpkins and primus now is much better then when I was a kid. Both have done crazy drugs probably. But they are both smart still

Upon gaining fame
maybe one should seek perspective
by going back in time

except by definition
you’d already have done it.

so fame may be a trap
from which I can only escape alive
by gnawing off my ego

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“Warm Bodies” has an exemplary model.
the despised dead should be given a chance to change & grow

so should the alienated famous be allowed to become fallibly human

but I’m probably confusing fame, celebrity & renown.

Renown is the widespread status of those who are known to have performed extraordinary deeds
like Robin Hood or Jesus
not necessarily accurate nor sought.
Celebrity suggests someone who has cultivated their image to draw publicity
whatever their talent, luck or ego
like JayZ or Edna Everige
and fame is something beyond a person’s ability to impose themselves
because it persists well beyond death & living memory
and depends upon a lasting legacy
like Shakespeare or Einstein.

thus it is unlikely that a dubstep producer will ever be famous
a few will be celebs
like Skream & Zomby
and the sensitive artist types might have a shot at renown
like Burial.

So, uh, whaddya about to be famous fer anyway?

I’m not sure
lately I’m thinking it might be my efforts to conserve the woolly-podded vetch genome
(having grown it for something like 25 generations)

but it could evolve from my place in surfing mythology
or be a legacy of ongoing innovative bottlewall concerts.

I doubt that it will come from my sense of humour or history of drug-taking.
As I said, the origins of fame aren’t within our control.