Funk / Disco / Boogie



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I encourage everyone to flag @MorrisJessle’s post as spam.

edit: bfffff.


for the time being…


Ey, come on man. Just trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Here’s a genuine contribution to compensate, funkier vibes:
Bama & The Family - Feeling Good


One of my standout favourite purchases of this year has been Over and over by Sylvester
(Linking anyway under the assumption when things are fixed it will work)

Heard Hunee play it in the moat at dimensions this year which was pretty wild.



this randomly came up as a utube suggestion for me a cpl weeks ago

hadnt heard it before that either


This is the original tune that I love:

Keeping the Larry Levan mix as it’s good as well.


Just picked up the repress of this badboy:

Kiki Gyan 24 hours in a disco 2x12 comp



I’m not trying to turn in my man card, but I love this Sister Sledge album. This tune is always a tearjerker. I love the chords and strings plus the arrangement. This album was produced Chic, so there you go.



Been loving this sort of stuff recently


Have you checked out any Dam Funk then?



Personal favorite.


I’m going to make this thread the most jamming thread west of Chicago.


RSD reissue incoming :corndance: