Funk / Disco / Boogie


I was really influenced by Paul Jackson’s basslines.





Too many 80’s boogie/funk tunes in this thread imo. They’re great, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t just skip the 70s so easily in a thread that reads “funk/disco/boogie”.

Here’s one my favourite disco jams:



Lots of '70’s tunes in here tbh:

Herbie Hancock - Spider: 1976
Bionic Boogie - Risky Changes: 1977
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Running Away: 1977
Pleasure - Ghettos of the Mind: 1976
Slave - Just A Touch of Love: 1979
Brass Construction - Movin’: 1975



yh but you’re the only one who’s posted them more or less?

Anyway like I said it’s all good. For this type of music I just tend to prefer the 70s over the 80s.


Music was so good in the '70’s!


fuck em imo




Yh we saw that ^^


im postin more mofo




I love going through this thread and adding basically every posted track into my discogs wantlist lol




Some modern boogie - had totally forgotten about this track since it’s not on the vinyl version of City Limits Volume 2:


:gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger:



I’ll just leave this here: