Future bass/neon

i’m looking for anyone who knows anything about writing chord progressions for the future bass/neon genre/subgenre or whatever. examples of future bass artists would be Lil Texas, Cavalier, Hudson Mohawke, Louis Futon, Waveracer, Pusher, etc.

The progressions have almost a neo soul back bone to it. I have a general understanding of composing progressions and i’ve gotten a lot better at conveying emotion within my progressions but it seems like these guys are just taking it to a whole other level. When I write my progressions I generally keep it within the key I start with so say I start writing in B Minor, all the other chords will be different variations of notes within that key. This doesn’t seem to be getting me the same result that i’m looking for and i’m wondering if some of these guys are switching between major and minor throughout the progressions cause that’s what it seems like. Maybe these guys just have a solid background in writing soul progressions which isn’t impossible but kind of hard to believe considering the lack of theory knowledge that comes with most edm producers.

A great example is right around 1:05 in Habstrakt’s Sunday, where the feel of the progression completely changes and goes from this sad minor feeling to this hopeful major feeling.
Another great example is at 34 seconds in Pusher’s Feel U where the chords just climb down but have an awesome changing feeling to it.

Thanks in advanced for anyone who took the time to read through my post :smile:



i love the futurebass/neon style and i attempted it here in one of my songs. https://soundcloud.com/okami/nigiri-love-4

I honestly don’t know piano chords or theory. i do everything by sound/feeling/ear
so its a lot of trial and error to find the right sound. future bass a main focus on the sub/kick. its like musical trap/hip hop. so your sub/bass should always be on a root note. i referenced this reddit thread http://www.reddit.com/r/edmproduction/comments/2nwnvz/for_futurebass_and_trap_what_notefrequency_is_a/

if you haven’t read it it might help you when making decisions about progressions

i tend to go for “energtic” progressions. i think the focus is more in the “wavy” synths and bright top notes like bells and things. thats why pusher calls it “neon.” emphasis on bright and shiny sound design

thanks for the links and i’m really liking that track you posted! seems like you got a really good grip on it. this was the most recent one i’ve been working on, still a work in progress, the chiptunes sounding part near the end is kinda just a place holder.


use the black keys on the piano

no joke

RnB chords



like f or c and two black keys

I know it sounds like a joke but really its not.

I think I have an overall grasp of the elements and structure of future bass songs, but i just fall short the actual sound and vibe of the synths. listened to your clips and I think you have the wavy synth vibe. adding the sub and vocal ad libs or samples would make em dope. could probably learn a thing or two from each other ha.