Future Thread

outnow on swede-OnLine !

different tape but

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that dj watermark makes me think young thug is gonna be on every track tho

& then he isnt so kind of lame

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beats on this better than DS2 tho tbh

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nah ds2 is defo better than this

No, imo ds2 is another case of future not understanding what he is good at - like on his albums.

When he tries to do the straight up rappy stuff it’s ok but nothing special. And most features ruin his tracks imo. When they just want him on a track like any other artist - it makes it a -insert- whoever artist instead - track and not a Future track.

He needs to do the sad, soulful stuff like codeine crazy, march madness, trap ■■■■■■ or the one standout track on ds2 - blow a bag. Like get his ‘singing’ going and then it becomes special imo. Because then he’s fucking james brown or something.

I’ve noticed i prefer when he doesn’t rhyme rhyme but when he does - like culture/ vulture or whatever, it loses that special Future angle where he forces a ‘rhyme’ - which I think he’s one of a very select few that can get away with. .

Like rhyming grand rapid with average or madness etc.

lol im such a fan boy

There’s a shitload of unreleased thugger tracks besides all the leaked stuff mixtapes

I think I have around four albums worth of stuff from him now - - just saying if anyone is only keeping up with the tapes, as some of his best stuff is un-released atm imo . .

you guys should get into the world of chief keef leaks, thats a exciting place to be

there are tracks people know about but nobody has heard, randoms online knowing which glo gang members has what song under what name on their computer etc lol

some of his best shit is only out cus ppl leaked it


This. So good.

Starting to prefer jumpman and big rings

jumpman & jersey are also top tier yea

new tape

big stuff

i’m always impressed by how much material they give out free, doesn’t each beat cost em like 30 grand (do they get em cheaper for mixtapes or something…

and what’s point of all the esco tags on the tape? it says he executive produced it but all the beats are credited to other people

hes the dj

doesn’t each beat cost em like 30 grand

mutually beneficial tho

Run up sounding nice, but truth be told I kinda just skimmed through