Future Thread

out now, listening now, liking


@dubway please move trap back to this one, a lot of the hype grime beats now do use trap beats so there’s a grey area but it makes more sense in this section

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Heard about this earlier, will check later though


this diamonds dancing tune is sick

yeah its dope, scholarships is the one so far


also least fav + almost most fav = ?

itunes’d it as soon as i woke up, think u can stream it on apple music if ur that kinda breh

not sure least fav it’s pretty solid

ah ok cheers - couldnt understand if piff didnt have it on their site

but no i mean i love future and cant stand drake :+1:

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i like em both this will be hype

fucks sake am i sick of drake announcing a MIXTAPE and putting out some shit u gotta pay for on itunes though. Mixtapes are free dummy.

Don’t tell me to use spotify either, ads mid album are not acceptable

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yeah fuck spotify

and hubb it’s not as like peanut butter +cheese sandwich as u might expect they compliment each other ur not sitting there going wtf is happening

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I think it makes more sense with grime, grime is basically UK Trap. People like Dizzee used to listen to loads of southern stuff and take direct cues from it. Should fill this spot up with UK Hip Hop though.

OFC they compliment each other, makes perfect sense if you’ve listened to any of drake’s new shit.

It’s actually amazing how much Drake improved BTW. He came up during easily the worst era in rap ever: The 08-11 swag rap Young Fresh Cheeky Rapper Boy style, that also gave us Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, early Mac Miller and loads of similar meaningless vibeless bullshit. Remember Mickey Factz anyone?

Now he does shit that’s cool, especially for someone at his level of universal celebrity.


wheels ontario >>> degrassi

He’s just been hitting the swell station imo. Also, Vice thinks his routine is shit:

This tape is so sick, compliment each other so well, these 2 killing it right now!

Beats are huge on it too, Diamonds Dancing is fire!!

liking this tape still

+1 on diamonds dancing, beat is too much and that pre-chorus and chorus slays

anywehre I can listen?

There’s a stream under the text

yeah, I see your point. not sure about this one. my goal was to make 1 category as a (unifying) hub for this hybrid scene and make links between scenes (instead of separating them in different categories)

not sure about the mixtape though… only listened it once in the background but didnt caught my attention