Gannon - No Time Fi Waste [Dub/Dubstep]

Something I’ve had for a while, feel free to give feedback in any way, or download the tune for free and enjoy!

Pretty good, maybe switch up the bass a little more

Find a melody to work with from what you have that keeps the same tune but progresses. You have a chord going with the overall composition. I like the rest though, definite potential.

I was going for non melodic and minimal dub style, all about the bass and drums with syncopated percs, for easy listening and easy mix in sets. I’m happy with my styles and sound choices in this. I mainly look for feed back on actual engineering of sounds, drums and mixdowns. Thanks anyway

Well, I didn’t know lol. The mix down is actually pretty good. It’s got good balance, the instruments aren’t fighting over frequencies. Reverb on the drums could use a little tweaking, Decrease the space or increase the dampening and maybe layer on a brighter snare without the reverb to really pull it out… The bass is very clear let it fall back in the mix a little bit. Cymbals are good especially the crash.