new bit

Amos is the girl from atos innit?

think so, sounds like her anyway

Sick, tempted to cop just for her vocals :love:

yeah that ones been doing the rounds in mixes, it’s grown on me so i copped


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This one is titled Neverborn, link .wav!q9IgwISD!IuRjDjrhb5Nodg04hQbp4digTAnY3WSXR-MSO2Wm-P8!q9IgwISD

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Fucks with it heavily

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Imhotep and harvest oh my

Please let this mean they’ll be coming out

i’ve lost all hope tbh

I was dying for midnight and now I get to play it whenever I want, so I’m still holding out

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do you know what that tune at around 12 mins is called? heard it in loads of mixes

No idea on the id, pretty sure I’ve heard commodo and somebody else drop it at nights though

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Check fb. Not an id, but it’s the same tune though

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KCG Vol. 2 is overdue! Please pull you fingers out lads and give us what we need :praise:


Old freebie from 2012

Whatever happened to nanobyte

It was two guys, i think they split up or could just be the downfall of the dungeon era (took so many great artists with it tbh).

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