yeah it’s defo different, but also elements are identical, maybe Gantz and FIS broke up and gantz took his bits of the collab and made this version…I prefer the original tho tbh

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would make sense, probably used the same stems eh. aye im much more about the original, i think perhaps its not even quantized, FIS spoke about working without a grid in an RA interview while back. im excited for the exit release, id found gantz sound was becoming a little stale imo, his last deep medi release was a bit of a dud for me, all about producers trying out new tempos, i wanna see commodo on hessle next.

Can’t see it. But interesting

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Not to be a downer, but the sound is kinda tired at this point. I love gantz’ music but meh.

No drop. Shit tune.

Niiiiiice I found the Gantz Addict freebie here

and Neverborn wav , link was dead but Deeper Vibrations . com sent me the file!q9IgwISD!IuRjDjrhb5Nodg04hQbp4digTAnY3WSXR-MSO2Wm-P8!q9IgwISD

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new bit

Amos is the girl from atos innit?

think so, sounds like her anyway

Sick, tempted to cop just for her vocals :love:

yeah that ones been doing the rounds in mixes, it’s grown on me so i copped



This one is titled Neverborn, link .wav!q9IgwISD!IuRjDjrhb5Nodg04hQbp4digTAnY3WSXR-MSO2Wm-P8!q9IgwISD

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Fucks with it heavily

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