well i’m in love with this don’t know about you guys

recent blacklist and medi eps were the baddest wonk too

not my fav gantz work tbf, but it works in the context of this compilation

One of his best tunes tbh, flip is mad too


Gantz and Joe Nice just about to do a set on Redlight Radio…

lol he don’t like showing his face, just made them move the camera to point out the window

Cmon m8 where’s these Gantz and El Mahdy dubs hiding :eyes:

Feelin this…

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Must have missed this

wanka refix

“Sprite Sister”

Gantz12 hrs · Hey
I did some records this year and you bought some of them, and i did
some shows and you come to them sometimes and it was cool. So me and
my cats put together this zip for you, it’s some naughty jams i did
lately that aren’t going anywhere, some of them might have but it felt
better to give it to you. I don’t know what you can do with them other
than listen, maybe try sampling or whatever, that’s up to you. And this
is the only way i know of to thank you all. Also as we finish this year, let’s remember all the good artists we lost this year for a moment. It feels like we lost more than usual. See you on the other side



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One of his side project with Golem…not sure if this is still on

That last one.

yeah, looking fwd to that one

He’s got a forthcoming release on Hotline, maybe we’ll get to hear the tunes.

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New Deep Medi EP coming soon, but the tweet got deleted

New freebie - Normal Girls

His stuff is getting weirder and weirder… Not really my cup of tea but I suppose some of you might enjoy it.